A voice you can hear

Author Brigitte Gauthier

I never learned how to have my voice heard. I am voice challenged even though I am not mute.

I know that some people complain about people who do not speak. I am one of them and I complain about me not speaking. To tell the truth, I WANT to speak. I crave to have my voice heard, to be recognised, to exist. I try. It takes me courage and time. When both are there, I shall say a few words… until I am interrupted. I am less and less prone to lending my ears to people who do not listen to me. Patience is running scarce.

I am so afraid to talk, that I ask questions believing that they will be happy to
talk and they will then listen to me. As I do not interrupt people talk and talk and talk. When the talk becomes a period, it is time to say “goodbye”.

On the other hand, people often do not truly listen to others. They speak at the same time as their conversation partner. Even conversations on the radio, there could be three or four people in the room and all of a sudden, they all have an urge to say something. Nothing of value can be relayed or understood when two, three, or four people are all speaking at the same time.

As you did, I learned to read and write as a child in school. Writing still takes time and courage, but words are coming to me, for you and the world.

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