Warming up

Author Kate Linderman

I’ve been very blessed in my life – when things were looking down, strangers frequently stepped up to the plate. Just as one example, I once moved into a house that had no central AC and not even a fridge. A “Mommy Group” I was a member of gave my kids and I some window unit ACs and a (dorm) fridge as well as other things.

I try to pay it forward, knowing that even the smallest gesture can change a person’s day… or even life. Tonight, as an example, I went to Sheetz on my way home. A gentleman was sitting outside, friendly as could be. Told me he was cold and didn’t have a place to stay.

If someone approaches me asking for money, I don’t give it up. But this guy didn’t ask.

I Bought him a coffee just for the hell of it. I couldn’t do much more than that, but if I can help a guy stay warm for an hour or two, I’m damn sure going to it.
I think all people would benefit from doing one kind thing each day.

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