A Life Change

Author Matt Lemaire

I got married at 24 without knowing what I was doing. My ex-wife would say the same thing. I lived life in fear. My job required long hours and my health (obesity) was deteriorating. I was miserable. Friends thought my job was cool, but I was empty inside. The years passed and I felt frozen in a state of existing.

Fast forward to 2008, my ex and I separated. I was unemployed then and we left Toronto to go to graduate school. The economy had just collapsed and I was weighing 360 pounds. If I had said that I had $ 500 in my name at that time, it could be an exaggeration.

I spent one night, lying on my old couch, where I promised myself to change things. I decided to go back to my parents to pick me up. I was lost, but I promised to make concrete changes within a year.

My first change was the exercise. I started running but let’s be honest: it was really walking with short bursts. I changed my eating habits and gave up the soda. I swear it took 50 pounds. of weight loss even before having any comments on it.

I took a landscaping job. In my spare time, I responded to Craigslist announcements to work for touring bands. I had little money, but this trip was somewhere. It did not work and I ended up getting a non-profit job that brought in $ 35,000. It was a million dollars for me at the time.

I continued to lose weight and decided to take the fire department exam. In big cities, it is very difficult to enter the fire department. I wanted to help people and be inspired by my work, but I also wanted a career that would incorporate my new love of personal health.

12,000 people took the test. I had a high score on the exam, but found that I still weighed 70 pounds too much. The date on which a weighing could take place was not known, but that would be done if I passed the second interview. I worked hard in the cold, running 20 kilometers a day. Calorie tracking has become my mission.

Finally, I was interviewed several times for the fire department. During the final interview, they told me that I had been hired conditionally. I’ll have a physical exam the next day !!

I weighed myself and weighed 9 pounds too much. No matter how much I had lost, they wanted it to disappear. I worked hard. I woke up that Friday, three days later, and now weighed three pounds too much. I had a day pass to a gym (I could not afford to subscribe). I ran and entered the sauna. I weighed again, now 1 lb under the requirement. I made extra efforts to make sure the account is good. I went back to the health office to be weighed. Once connected, it took three hours to be seen.

Climbing on the scale, I did it, 1.5lbs less than the requirement. The new doctor I saw this time said, “I would have erased you without losing weight because of your muscle mass!”

I left the health office with amazement, realizing how close I was to making my dream come true. A few months later, I entered the fire academy. I am now a paid firefighter in a big city.

My life is totally different. I met a wonderful woman and I got married well. Working is a routine five to six days a week for me. I make a good living and continue to spend as I go back to landscaping. I will never forget where I was. My experience has taught me that you can really change your life, but tough decisions must be taken firmly. If you want to lose weight, this change must happen to the nearest second. Do not abandon! Make the change, it’s worth it.

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