Lyon’s Correspondence

Author Nicolas Lavergne

I was 16 years old; it was the first time of my life I was taking the train, having been incubated by my mother so far.

Going from Toulouse to Metz to join my girlfriend (motivated teen ah!)

An individual has decided to end his day by jumping on the rails, so almost all the trains of all my connections were delayed.

One (1) am, I arrived in Lyon and was told that there is no train before 9am and that it is forbidden to sleep at the station. The train company gave me a ticket for a hotel room and someone explained me briefly where the hotel is in relation to the station.

At 16, I did not say that you were absolutely not resourceful but I was a little terrified to take the train with the connections, so… I’m loose in the middle of Lyon at 1am with my heavy suitcases heavier than me alone… I remember that I had a heart that was beating hard and I was completely lost in the middle of the night to have to look for a hotel, and at the time we had not yet the smartphones with GPS.

I think it showed that I was lost because I was not even moving from the station, If I went to the station across the road and I lost myself, it would be a disaster!!

And there, I hear a voice behind me “Wesh little guy, are you also going to Metz? Hi, I’m Karim, it seems like a mess with your suitcases, we’ll find the hotel together. I know Lyon a little bit. “

Karim was 25 or 30 years old, there were very few people on the street, and he had preceded me to look for the hotel. He assumed that I was in the same boat as him and had come to meet me. Frankly I was 16 when I saw how messy he was, I was not reassured at all.

However, he took the biggest suitcase on the shoulder. He found the hotel, asked the hotel to put us in two rooms side by side. The next day, one (1) hour before leaving, he knocked on my door “come on! have to get up!!! We will have to run” To wake up and go to the station with him and get on our train.

We talked for a long time on the way. Once in Metz I thanked him as I could, it was super cool etc. he left. I never saw him again, but what is his life, that is 11 years ago, and I still feel so grateful to him. We must not trust appearances!

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