Yes Day

My son is 4 years old and is generally a happy little dude. Around Christmas 2018 I had scheduled a “yes” day for him and one for his sister. A “yes” day is where a parent allows the child to choose the meals and activities (within reason) and I had wanted to try this for some time, to see what my kids would choose.

My son wanted to have macaroni for breakfast and ride the city bus, and have me and his sister play Hot Wheels with him. His sister (7) wanted to hike her favourite path with us, watch a nature documentary and have pickled herring (she assured us we didn’t have to eat it).

On the day I had scheduled my son’s “yes” day, I was hit with a terrible migraine. I was vomiting and could barely get off the couch. I felt terrible that his sister got her day but he wouldn’t get his. I thought it would seem so unfair to a 4-year-old. But he just kissed my forehead and said, “What I really want to do is snuggle you. I’m going to give you my heart-sweet, Mommy. That’s the love from my heart.” He cuddled me on and off for hours, and played quietly with his sister.

The compassion and sensitivity he showed at age 4 blows me away. He never brought up that he had missed his special day. He did get his special day a couple of weeks later, a day abundant with macaroni and Hot Wheels 🙂

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