The Other Mom

Author Susan Hopf

When my ex remarried, my daughter was 8. One day she referred to his new wife as “Mom” when relaying something to me. She suddenly froze and muttered an apology. I hugged her then told she never needed to feel bad for calling his wife Mom, there or with me.

I explained that this showed me how comfortable she was with his new wife, how close she felt to her and how much she loved her. My ex and his 2nd wife had been together for several years and she had been involved with my daughter for quite some time by then. It had been very obvious to me that they had a great relationship. There was mutual love and care between them.

My daughter asked if it bothered me that she loved this other Mom. I told my daughter I was actually relieved. I asked her how she thought I would feel if she was spending so much time with someone she DIDN’T love, who DIDN’T treat her like one of her own children? She thought about that for a minute and smiled.

It never came up again and, although the marriage sadly didn’t last, she still considers this amazing woman her “other Mom”… and so do I.

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