A Father’s Gift

Author Chris Hunter

When I was 5 years old, for Christmas, my father gave a gift to the family. Nobody had the right to open anything without being opened.

It was a video tape.


My mother was confused. so she put the tape in the VCR, and by the big loudspeakers we heard our father’s voice …

“When you offer a gift, you can not take it back. I offer you the gift of life. I offer you the gift of a happy family. I just quit smoking definitely, and I’m coming to definitely stop drinking. I risk being a miserable man for a moment, but I know that seeing my kids breathe healthy air and be sober to cherish all the time we spend together, is well worth it.
Watching my family in bad health due to asthma and my anger when I drink, breaks my heart. so for the rest of my life, I give the gift of the life, out of love for you. “

My mother was so in tears that she could not walk anymore. She crawled along the ground toward the Christmas tree, caught a pile of boxes while having trouble looking through these tears, went up to the kitchen and shouted, “I suppose you will not want these anymore! “She was laughing while crying and swaying several packets of cigarettes in the trash.

As of, seven years later, my father had a triple bypass heart surgery and the cardiologist gave him a maximum of 4 years to live. he said it was more because of the cigarette that
it had blocked the arteries of the heart that bad nutrition. it was in 1992. Dad just celebrated his 88th birthday in October 2018 surrounded by the whole family at home.

This memory is something that I remember whatever happens. to be at home with the whole family, and this Christmas morning or the life of three little boys has changed. The air in the house has been purified and our health has improved.

gift of life – thanks dad!

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