How I Have Settled With Someone

Author Anonymus

I “settled” for my wife. Approaching mid life and sick of internet dating and being alone, she came into my life and wouldn’t leave. Lol. She seemed okay, not a hottie like I had dated, nothing that would turn heads on the street. She was just a nice lady who was like a great friend and she cared about me. We moved into together and yes, I considered it settling. I always thought maybe I could get “better”. You know, younger, sexier, all the things middle age men dream of. Ah yes. I settled.

How did it turn out? After a couple of years together, we were out at dinner with some friends. One of the men commented to me that I was a lucky man. I didn’t understand. He was with a hot younger woman who oozed sexuality, why was I lucky? Well it turns out that his hot young thing had seemed like a dream come true at the beginning, she seemed to adore his kids, loved sex, was eager to please and could talk for hours. Fast forward and she drove his kids away, pushed him to the brink of financial ruin, was sloppy and lazy and he began to notice that she only talked about herself. He jokingly said to watch out cause my woman was worth stealing.

I looked around at our friends and noticed how people gravitated towards her, how she was always helping and seemed so warm and genuine with everyone. I thought about how my kids were just as important to her as her own, how she took care of me and the house while working hard at her job. I pictured the garden out front that she’d created from nothing and smiled to myself as I remembered the dirt she’d managed to get on her nose.

When we got home that night, I realized right away that she had turned our house into a home and I hadn’t even noticed before.

She changed into her old fluffy pajamas and got ready for bed and when she walked into the bedroom that night with no make up, wearing baggy pajamas and looking exhausted, I realized I had found the most beautiful woman in the world!

The next day I bought her a ring, brought home flowers, which I’d never done before and, as she gushed over the surprise, I asked her to marry me. She said yes.

So I thought I was settling for the ordinary but one glance through someone else’s eyes and I realized I had the extraordinary.

I only wish I’d seen sooner how beautiful she is, how perfect she is and how she completes me. I took her for granted and on our wedding day I swore I’d spend the rest of our lives being grateful that she “settled” for a jerk like me.

I have to say it it worked out beautifully!!!

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