A Memorable Diner

Author Carl F Price

Terrace, Cairo Egypt

Once while in Cairo I was looking for a place for an early supper. I spotted a place with a lovely courtyard, pretty tables, nice sturdy chairs and interesting sculptures.

I went inside and sat down. A man approached me and welcomed me on this beautiful evening. I bowed to him and asked for water with ice and mango pulp juice with cream and ice. (Mango was in perfect season.) After the drinks arrived I asked for a salad with an oil and vinegar dressing to be followed by potatoes, lamb, chicken and cooked autumn squash.

Ten minutes later he came out with an appetizer of fresh fish and hush puppies. Following this came the lamb, beef, potatoes and steamed chicken with a million spices. Everything was just delicious. I finished with some kind of multi fruit pie that was just out of this world.

When I was done I motioned that I was ready to leave. He shook my hand and thanked me for coming. A whole big party of young people was coming in and it looked like he was preparing to set their tables.

He told me there was no bill. I asked him why not and he told me that I was in his home garden area and that he was an engineer with the electric company and his wife taught school. This was not a restaurant and these were his children coming home.

I took down his address and mailed him some art work for his garden. I still go to see him each time I’m in Cairo.


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